Features & Advantages

Retmarker is an innovative software solution that provides the following Clinical Advantages:

For the entities running a DR Screening Program, the solution adds value to the service being provided:

  • Performs consistent identification of lesions, reducing subjectivity and contributing to better and early treatments
  • Includes workflow to request second opinion on manual grading
  • Computes Microaneurysms’ Formation and Disappearance rates (individual Biomarker assessment for each patient)
  • Generates standard reports that can be provided to the patient or stored in the Patient Clinical Record
  • Allows digital imaging archive
  • Reduces costs significantly when compared to traditional screening methods
  • Improves care delivery productivity, reducing the human burden required
  • Retmarker is adaptable to each organization protocol
  • Quality control measures are embedded in the system
  • Training and qualification of personnel such as Photographers and Triage technicians