Retmarker allows the implementation of highly reliable and affordable Diabetic Retinopathy Screening services, anywhere (massive population-based screening programs and individual private practices).

The same Retmarker technology used in the Biomarker has been adapted and extended to be used in a screening context. The concept is that, in patients that do not need referral, there will be no lesions detected, and thus priority is given to the patients with lesions detected.

What can Retmarker Offer?

Retmarker technology has been deployed in DR Screening Programs in Portugal since 2011, and has been improving the technology continuously to better tackle the challenges occurring in the "real world" deployment, such has image quality issues or data integrity.

Retmarker Solution and Operational Model

Step1 - Population

Identification of target population (Diabetics)

Step2 - Computer

Photograph taken by field technicians and sent to the Central Platform via Internet

Step3 - Retmarker

Automatic Processing of Images with Retmarker technology

Step4 - Technician

Triage by specialized technicians using Retmarker

Step5 - Report

Report and recommendation delivered to the field technicians who can deliver and discuss it with the patient

Step6 - Hospital

Medical treatment for relevant cases

Field work

Central platform in the country/region

Field work

Retmarker’s field station provides the technician all the tools needed to photograph each diabetic, measure their visual acuity and record further relevant data. Each Retmarker field station includes:

- State-of-art automated fundus camera from leading provider

- Visual Acuity measurement software

- Laptop with configured secure Internet connection to send data

Our offer includes the training of field work technicians.

Disclaimer: Retmarker can work with most digital fundus cameras. Our team is available to recommend the best suited models based on our experience.

Images are securely sent over the Internet (preferably) to the Data center hosting the Retmarker technology.

The Data center can be Local or Cloud-based.

Retmarker automated analysis algorithms will process the patient images and automatically remove patients without signs of Diabetic Retinopathy lesions.

When previous information is available, Retmarker automatically uses such data to automatically assess disease activity based on a proprietary biomarker.

Quality control measures are part of the solution and analyzed periodically.

Retmarker is a Safe solution (sensitivity >=90%) that can remove the need for Human Grading in at least 50% of the patients in normal conditions (with qualified cameras, this value can increase up to approximately 75%).

All images with suspicious lesions (or quality controls) are sent to be manually analyzed and graded.

The Triage team worker will use Retmarker’s grading software to record his analysis and generate the final report.

Another grading (second opinion) can be requested by the triage worker.

Our offer considers training of Triage technicians and the definition of the organizational model, triage protocol and triage worker quality evaluation protocol.

Easy to understand report focused on the Diabetic patient. The report presents an explanation on the exam and complementary information on Diabetic Retinopathy.

The report contains the grading outcomes and the next steps as defined by the Reading Center (Retmarker & the Triage team).

Diabetes Mellitus is a pathology with epidemic proportions, and every year is affecting a wider population range, also fueled by sedimentary lifestyle and wrong dietary habits. Diabetic Retinopathy is the sight-threatening complication of diabetes, which progresses without symptoms until irreversible vision loss occurs. Screening Programs are effective to provide timely treatment and avoid vision loss. The Retmarker certified technology enables highly efficient screening of diabetic retinopathy.

Retmarker Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
You can access more information on this product version by downloading the official brochure here (or in Spanish here).

Screening Services at Innovative Private Practices
Retmarker is now being deployed at innovative private practices that own a fundus camera and wish to provide clinically validated DR screening reports to their customers. This is a complete and proven service, provided in partnership with a certified Reading Center. To know more about this offer, please download the brochure here and contact us here.

What is the Value created?

The main value that Retmarker enables is the great Human burden reduction when compared to a DR screening performed by traditional means. Effectively, what this reduction means is that:

  • Screening becomes more cost-effective
  • More population can be screened using the same resources

Using the technology and accumulated experience has also been proved to reduce errors that accidently occur in manual handling of data. Retmarker solution comprises the handling of patient information from the fundus camera to an individual risk assessment report. Risk assessment makes use of the unique Biomarker that Retmarker technology calculates in an automated way.

The workflow is fully automated, making it simple and flexible to manage and run. It includes several measures of Quality Control, performed on a regular basis, so that the Screening Program can be audited and any irregular behavior identified and promptly corrected.