Retmarker C

Automatic Detection of Retinal Changes

RetmarkerC, where the C stands for Changes or differences provides information to monitor the progression of retinal diseases such as Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) and Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), which are the leading causes of blindness in the Western world.

RetmarerC identifies differences over time in a set of colour fundus photographs, allowing the doctor’s analysis to be focused on what is important and to decide which additional examination will be required.

A difference is something that changed between different exams (by means of e.g. lesions, hemorrhages, exudates, or even a receded lesion), but it does not mean necessarily that the patient got better or worse.

RetmarkerC deals with the process of automatically co-registering (overlapping) different images. Each image is compared against the baseline image (the first one in the set of images, considered as reference) to identify the differences. This baseline image is a real image from the patient, chosen by the user.

Analysis Output

Picture 1 of 2: The first follow-up is compared to the baseline image and the differences are automatically detected.

Picture 2 of 2: Any number of follow-up visits can be compared to the baseline. The baseline is the oldest visit chosen by the user.

Image Explorer

Picture 1 of 3: Focus on the same anatomical region of the eye and analyse an hemorrhage that disappeared.

Picture 2 of 3: The eye can also be divided in sub-fields and measures can the performed in the image.

Picture 3 of 3: Manual lesion annotations (eg. Exudates) and comments can be inserted in each image.

RetmarkerC is an innovative software solution that uses image processing technology and the latest medical research to detect retinal changes accurately, effectively, effortlessly.

The lesions caused by these diseases evolve over time, which means that strict monitoring of the progression is needed for, among other things, gathering information to help the diagnosis, the definition of treatment strategy and the evaluation of the treatment’s effectiveness.

RetmarkerC integrates in the practice workflow and can also be used by technicians operating the fundus camera reducing the time doctors need to spend looking at the patient’s exams.

All the information can be printed in a report that can go to the Patient Clinical Record or even be given to the patient.

You can access more information on this product version by downloading the official brochure here.