Retmarker AMD

Features & Advantages

RetmarkerAMD Research is an innovative software solution that provides the following Clinical Advantages:

Similarly, on a Business
perspective, RetmarkerAMD Research:

  • Annotation of Drusen, Hypopigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, Geographic Atrophy and Exudative Lesions in a very simplified manner
  • Confluent Drusens are also easily documented
  • Automatically counts lesions (number and area) by type and location (sub-field)
  • Accurately locates each lesion relative to the macula
  • Contributes to the improvement of agreement rates between Graders by standardizing lesion documentation
  • Helps monitoring progression of disease states by allowing superimposing of different visit image marks in the same image
  • Brings significant Time Savings (at least 35% faster according to our preliminary studies)
  • Reduces risk of error on lesion area calculation
  • Improves Graders’ effectiveness
  • Improves care delivery reliability by contributing to the quality of the diagnosis
  • Produces standardized and detailed records in Excel format that allow easy data mining and statistical analysis