Retmarker AMD

RetmarkerAMD Research is a software solution for the assisted grading of retinographies from patients with Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), the main reason of blindness in persons over 50 years old in developed countries.

"This new tools allows for a faster and more precise way toconduct a detailed analysis of the lesions associated to the early and late forms of Age-related Maculopathy. It promotes the creation of a broad basis for the assertive discution on the prognostic values of different lesions found on this disease."

Professor Rufino Silva, Principal Investigator of the Centre for Clinical Trials (CEC) at AIBILI

RetmarkerAMD Research was developed for an Epidemiological Study and makes use of Retmarker’s image exploration features and adds very simple manual and preset annotation of Drusen (including confluence), Hypopigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, Geographic Atrophy and Exudative Lesions.

RetmarkerAMD Research automatically counts lesions (in number and area) by lesion type and location (sub-field), significantly reducing the time needed.

RetmarkerAMD simplifies the diagnostic by ophthalmologists, as they now have a more precise source of information, which is not prone to errors related to the complexity in the estimations of lesion areas present in each region of the colour fundus photographs.