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AIBILI - Scientific Partnership

AIBILI is our strategic partner for the development of the Retmarker product family. AIBILI was founded by Professor Cunha-Vaz, a renowned Ophthalmologist.

AIBILI has also contributed towards the scientific validation of the technology which was initially developed in the Centre for New Technologies for Medicine (CNTM). In this Centre, AIBILI develops:

  • New tools for Diagnostic Imaging
  • Fluorescence measurement "in vivo"

AIBILI is a Research Technology Organisation (RTO) in the Health Market dedicated to help the development of new products for health imaging, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

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José Cunha-Vaz M.D., Ph.D.

President of AIBILI

Former President of the European Society of Retina Specialists, Board member of the European Vision Institute and coordinator of the European Network of Clinical Trial Centers of Ophthalmology. Cunha-Vaz has made significant contributions towards the advancement of clinical and laboratorial research in the Retina field. He has published 44 book chapters and over 400 scientific research papers. Throughout his career Cunha-Vaz has received many national awards such as the Order of Merit of Public Instruction in 1993 and the Order of Henry the Navigator in 2007 and international awards such as the Helmholtz Gold Medal of the European Society of Ophthalmology and the ARVO’s Weisenfeld Award 2014.

Conceição Lobo, M.D., Ph.D.

Clinical Coordinator of the Coimbra Coordinating Centre for Clinical Research (4C) at AIBILI

Investigator at AIBILI since 1993, she has participated in several clinical research projects and clinical trials in diabetic retinopathy and cataract surgery. Her present areas of interest are characterization of phenotypes in diabetic retinopathy, evaluation of quality of vision after cataract surgery and characterization of macular edema. Conceição is the Clinical Coordinator of the Coimbra Coordinating Centre for Clinical Research (4C) at AIBILI. She is also Principal Investigator of the Centre for Clinical Trials (CEC) at AIBILI. Conceição is responsible for the Cataract and Implant-Refractive Surgery Section in the University Hospital of Coimbra. Since 2002 she has been Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at the Coimbra Faculty of Medicine. Conceição has published over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Sandrina Gonçalves Nunes, MSc

Director of the Coimbra Coordinating Centre for Clinical Research (4C) at AIBILI

Director of the Coimbra Coordinating Centre for Clinical Research (4C) at AIBILI and responsible for statistical data analysis. Sandrina has been involved in several scientific publications in the field of Retinal Diseases and as well as some public presentations in the same field.

LMU - Validation Partner

The University Eye Hospital of the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) is Germany’s largest and one of Europe’s largest eye hospitals. Every year over 50000 patients are treated at their out-patient center and more than 8500 surgeries are performed. The University Eye Hospital delivers the complete spectrum of conservative and surgical ophthalmology on the most up-to-date basis of modern ophthalmology.

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Professor Dr. Michael W. Ulbig

Clinical Researcher at LMU

A prolific author, with over 160 publications, Professor Dr. Michael W. Ulbig is a specialist in retinal vascular diseases. Currently he is a Professor of Ophthalmology at LMU - Munich, previously having also collaborated with the Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute - Miami, and a Fellowship in Medical Retina at the Moorfields Eye Hospital – London.

Professor Dr. Christos Haritoglou

Professor of Ophthalmology at LMU

Professor Haritoglou has extensive experience in both the Academia and clinical practice. He is a member of the Club Jules Godin since 2008, has authored 250 scientific publications, and an Examiner for the European specialist examination. And he also practices at the Herzog Carl Theodor Eye Hospital in Munich, specialized in treatment of retinal disease such as diabetic retinopathy, vascular occlusion and different macula conditions (e.g. age-related macula degeneration, macula foramen and epiretinal gliosis).

Retmarker is an initiative of the Ver+Saúde project, which was awarded a QREN grant.