Retmarker DR

RetmarkerDR is a biomarker for Diabetic Retinopathy progression in a mild non-proliferative stage, predicting sight threatening Diabetic Retinopathy through the quantification of microaneurysms turnover ratios, namely for Clinically Significant Macular Edema.

There is a FREE Trial of RetmarkerDR available for download that entitles each user to install the software and process 20 free analysis (sets of images).

According to our research, where we analysed different type 2 diabetic patients with non-proliferative retinopathy, Microaneurysm Turnover was a key factor for the classification in different phenotypes and appears to be a good predictor of progression to Clinically Significant Macular Edema (CSME).

Professor Conceição Lobo, Leading ophthalmologist and researcher from the University Hospital of Coimbra, Portugal

RetmarkerDR consistently tracks each microaneurysm as a single entity in a specific location, with identifiable coordinates, providing valuable information:

Image of microaneurysm

Number of MAs found in the first visit.

Image of microaneurysm

Number of MAs found in a follow-up visit, identifying which ones are NEW, OLD or DISAPPEARED in this visit.

Image of microaneurysm

Turnover ratios: MA Formation Rate & MA Disappearance Rate.

Tracking Microaneurysms over time

Picture 1 of 3: In the first visit, RetmarkerDR automatically detected 3 Microaneurysms (MAs)

Picture 2 of 3: In the third visit, there were 1 New MA, 2 remain (Old)...

Picture 3 of 3: The patient Formation and Disappearance Rate are always visible on the right hand side

Detailed image analysis and annotation in the Image Explorer

Picture 1 of 5: Manual lesion annotations (eg. Exudates) and comments can be inserted in each exam

Picture 2 of 5: The eye can also be divided in sub-fields and measures can the performed in the image

Picture 3 of 5: The Image Explorer provides tools that allow to look at the same anatomical region of the eye

Picture 4 of 5: The user can zoom in just in that specific region of interest...

Picture 5 of 5: ...but even more important, he is able to look at what is really in the image.

Extend the automated results with manually marked Microaneurysms

Picture 1 of 3: To add Microaneurysms (MAs), choose the proper image and select the proper tool

Picture 1 of 3: To add Microaneurysms (MAs), choose the proper image and select the proper tool

Picture 2 of 3: Zooming in you can better look at your region of interest and mark the MA

Picture 3 of 3: When navigating to another image, the software will show you precisely the same location

With the microaneurysm turnover information, in a mild non proliferative stage of Diabetic Retinopathy, before the development of complications (either being diabetic macular edema or proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy) it is possible to predict the evolution of the disease for a Clinically Significant Macular Edema stage.

Recent findings from AIBILI supports that a follow-up at regular intervals (6 months suggested) in the early stages of diabetic retinopathy (before development of complications) can be used to predict the eyes that are at risk of progression into CSME.

RetmarkerDR integrates in the practice workflow and can also be used by technicians operating the fundus camera reducing the time doctors need to spend looking at the patient’s exams.

All the information can be printed in a report that can go to the Patient Clinical Record or even be given to the patient.

You can access more information on this product version by downloading the official brochure here.